Up-Selling App

Boost your sales with the help of the TIMIFY UpSelling App by enabling combinations of several services or whole packages for an online scheduling.

Customers booking one service can see complementary services suggested within the booking
process, allowing them to easily add additional bookings in one go.

The Upselling App lets you tailor combinations of services to inspire customers, driving awareness of your wider offering, highlighting special discounts and encouraging deeper engagement from customers.

For example, a customer making an online booking for a haircut at a salon could have additional wash, blow dry, colouring and massage services suggested.

Without having to leave their current booking, they can simply add on additional services they want. You control how the length and price of multiple bookings is calculated.

The app also offers opportunities to combine a service with time-limited offers on certain services, helping to drive revenues or boost awareness of new services or promotions.

What does the app do?

  • Select any individual service and choose which complementary services to highlight
  • No limit on how many additional services can be promoted
  • Simple to add and remove combinations, giving you flexibility to update regularly
  • Choose how combined bookings will total up service durations and prices
  • Combinations created in the app are instantly available in the booking widget

What are the benefits?

  • Boost awareness of your range of services and drive multiple bookings
  • Reduce barriers to multiple bookings. No need for customers to repeat the booking process for each individual service they want
  • Grow revenue with intelligent and creative combinations of complementary services
  • Promote an active offer by recommending it with the relevant core service for boosting sales and customer satisfaction

How to use it

  • Install the UpSelling App
  • Select a service where you want to add complimentary services
  • Search and select from a list of all your other available services
  • Choose whether to add additional time to the overall booking for each additional service booked, or not if they can be delivered simultaneously
  • Once saved, upselling combinations will show immediately in your booking widget

For full instructions and tips, read our Upselling App support article 

What you need to know

This is a TIMIFY Enterprise app. If you would like to trial Enterprise for free, you can upgrade for two weeks straight from your TIMIFY account.

Author: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.