The TIMIFY Book and Shop App

Our solution for retailers who are looking for a scalable and flexible Click and Meet system. Customer signup, department availability and footfall are all customisable.

Invite customers to enter and browse your retail space with time-limited shopping slots. Manage each individual shopping space or department; cap customer numbers; and factor in sanitisation windows in between shopping slots, to ensure staff has time to air and disinfect the retail space.

Furthermore, QR code check-in is available, to ensure a contactless and secure customer entry to your store.


  • Easy to configure: open up your retail space for business in accordance with government requirements, quickly and easily.
  • Customisable: each shopping department or retail space can be managed individually; shopping and sanitisation windows can be extended or reduced as needed; and the permitted number of customers can be increased or decreased at any time.
  • Secure: optional customer check-in and check-out via QR code.
  • Customer friendly: additional slots for guests may be booked by the customer during signup.
  • Practical: SMS alerts to remind customers of how long they have left before their shopping session expires.
  • Trackable: customer bookings are recorded in the app, and can be downloaded. Customers can be contacted post their shopping appointment via email if needed.


  • Add the retail spaces or departments you want to make bookable
  • Add the services – shopping slots – customers can book
  • Customise the customer email and/or SMS* check-in confirmation messages 
  • Enter the maximum number of customers who may be on the shop floor at the same time
  • Search, filter, and download booking slot data by resource, customer, date and time.
  • Ensure secure and contactless customer check-in and out via QR code

*The TIMIFY SMS app must be activated. Additional costs apply.

How it works

Add your resources (retail spaces) and define the footfall capacity of each; then add your services (shopping slots). Customers can sign up for the shopping slots you offer online, via your booking widget. A QR code is included in the email confirmation sent to customers, and/or in an SMS. This code can be scanned by a staff member to ensure the customer has a valid booking slot. Once scanned, it updates, and can be scanned again to “check-out” the customer.

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The TIMIFY Book & Shop App: Invite customers to enter and browse your retail space with time-limited shopping slots.

The TIMIFY Book & Shop App: The customer booking experience, and recommended widget and data field settings

Better still, you can extend the functionality of the Click & Meet App, by offering customers the option to sign up to a service you offer “on the spot” on your premises. Our virtual queue management solution is easy to integrate and almost effortless use. It also uses a scannable QR code, which you can display via a digital screen for customers to scan and sign-up, and means you can reduce physical queues forming outside your premises.

Find out more here: TIMIFY Virtual Queue Management Solution

If you are interested in our appointment booking solutions, visit our website and start a chat with one of our representatives.

Author: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.

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