How omnichannel solutions help you bridge in-store and online services

With an increase in the number of goods and services available online, managers in several industries are reassessing the purpose of their branch locations and finding ways to increase the accessibility and profitability of their branch services. When doing this, it is paramount that businesses meet consumer expectations of a seamless integration between online and in-store offers.

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating this change enormously. Every day, businesses are developing new models to help them adapt to the crisis. Clothing stores are now offering private shopping appointments and banks are conducting online consultations via video call. Many customers have taken a liking to these creative offers and hope they remain after the pandemic. For companies that want to meet the needs of their customers and offer an excellent customer experience, it is important to coordinate these new online offers efficiently with their traditional business models.

Market trends are shifting to individual appointment experiences for customers, as it helps businesses comply with social distancing regulations. The best way to implement such changes in the customer experience is by offering an omnichannel appointment scheduling solution. Customers can be in constant contact with your company via several channels at once, such as your website, smartphone apps, social media or even interacting with a flyer or display at your store. Successful businesses know that as current market expectations evolve, it is important that all of these options work seamlessly together. 

Efficiently coordinate offline and online offers

Regardless of whether you offer virtual or in-person appointments, individually or in groups, pre-booked or spontaneously scheduled, TIMIFY provides a seamless connection between all your offline and online offers and provides you with the perfect overview of individual branches.

By implementing online appointment booking and creating a virtual queue for in-store visitors, companies can stay one step ahead of customer demand and adapt to sudden changes in behaviour.

Book appointments online 

With online appointment scheduling software, you provide your customers with the opportunity to book appointments conveniently from anywhere, at any time and according to their needs. In addition, customers can choose a specific employee they have worked with in the past, one who has special knowledge, or even specify if they prefer a video consultation or a physical appointment.

Make it easy for customers to book appointments by creating services in advance, populating your booking widget with predefined services or employee data, so that they only have to choose their preferred time. Any resources required for the appointment, such as employees, rooms and equipment, are already pre-set. You can create a link for customers that leads directly to the prepared booking widget.

The advantage for you is that all the necessary resources for the appointment are automatically booked and are no longer available for any further bookings at that time. This makes double bookings impossible and helps you keep track of how your resources are allocated.

Implementing online scheduling software can improve operational efficiency online and in the branch by managing multiple locations, employees and services on a single, easy-to-navigate platform, all in real time. It also improves the customer experience by allowing you to connect with customers who would rather avoid a physical appointment and helps prevent frustration by eliminating wait times on the phone.

Book appointments in person

Keeping track of appointments scheduled on the phone, in person or online can be challenging. The ability to coordinate these scheduled appointments with walk-in appointments at a specific branch provides benefits to both staff and customers. This is exactly what the new TIMIFY Q App from TIMIFY does – a queue management solution that seamlessly integrates your walk-in customers with your scheduled in-person and virtual appointments.

Simply put, TIMIFY Q App creates a virtual queue. Customers who walk in without an appointment have the option of scanning a QR code with their mobile device to draw a virtual number, inserting them into the queue with all the other pre-booked and walk-in appointments. All further information, such as the estimated waiting time and notifications of when their number is called, is sent directly to their mobile device.

By using a digital solution, you enable your employees to allocate appointments fairly and make sensible use of customers’ waiting time. You also improve customer flows, which helps with managing social distancing measures. By providing customers with multiple options and ensuring they all work together, you improve the overall customer experience, helping build loyal customers who ideally become ambassadors for your company. This is how you develop a real competitive advantage.

Constantly Improve Your Services

With TIMIFY, you can analyse customer data and behaviour from a single branch or throughout all of your branches. This provides deep insight into what your customers want. The TIMIFY Branch Manager provides valuable information on booking trends, such as preferred booking times, booking services or resources. With real-time data, you can learn more about your customers and offer a personal customer experience based on booking history, preferences, service options, etc. In addition, this allows you to better prepare your workforce and to optimise your resources more efficiently.

Lastly, the most effective way to improve your customer experience, no matter which services they use, is by asking your customers for their direct opinion. TIMIFY’s new survey app allows you to request feedback and gather suggestions, which helps you improve your services and assists you in getting ratings and testimonials for promotional materials.

TIMIFY makes it easy to manage services and coordinate appointments across several branches. It allows you to offer a seamless customer experience by providing them with options and addressing their needs. No matter your industry, TIMIFY has an individual solution to help you build loyal customers.

Our team will be happy to advise you on improving your customer experience.

Author: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.

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