Understanding TIMIFY: Four common business problems solved by our software

Since relaunching TIMIFY we’ve added over 80 new features and a brand new product for larger enterprises which helps organise international teams, multiple locations and complex resource management.

But how do all these new features work in practice? And how can they be applied to building revenue and efficiencies across different types of business?

We break down some common business challenges and show how TIMIFY can be used to solve them.

  1. Customers have come to expect immediate response even outside working hours 


With online booking, your business is available 24/7. TIMIFY offers a suite of tools to make online booking so easy and ubiquitous across every customer touchpoint, that booking online becomes second nature for your customers

How to do it with TIMIFY:

  • Embed the booking widget in all communication channels, normalising online as the simplest, fastest and most natural way of booking an appointment
  • TIMIFY facilitates an omnichannel experience, unifying customer activity online with interactions face-to-face, over the phone or in-store – be it appointments, feedback, payment or marketing campaigns
  • Individual staff can add a personalised booking widget in their email signature, displaying their immediate availability and prompting customers who weren’t even considering making a booking to act
  • Integrate the payment option so customers can easily pay online for a service beforehand 
  • Customers can cancel or reschedule appointments online, hassle-free – no waiting to call during office hours, on-hold music or the embarrassment of making multiple amendments with booking staff
  • Integrate TIMIFY with your CRM solution, providing a platform for more personalised and targeted communications to your customer base

2. Drop-in or manually scheduled appointments create queues and poor customer experience, as well as considerable strain on staff and resources


Online bookable services let customers choose their most convenient appointment slot from anywhere, at any time of day. Staff are relieved from chaotic peak times, experiencing a smoother on-site flow of customers. Assigning resources to bookings can be automated.

How to do it with TIMIFY:  

  • TIMIFY’s booking settings are completely flexible, allowing you to choose which employees and services are bookable online. Choose the days and hours they are available and they will appear in the online calendar accordingly. You can also show availability of services or resources for internal use, which will only be viewable to staff.
  • Customers are empowered to reschedule or cancel appointments online, hassle-free, relieving staff of dealing with them manually
  •  TIMIFY’s resource management options allow staff to create dependencies between resources – meeting rooms, staff or technical equipment can be automatically reserved with specific booking types
  • Booking a time slot for a service which has traditionally been drop-in only can significantly reduce queues and waiting times (particularly for government and financial services)
  • Personalise online booking forms (or reminder messages) to gather customer information your agents need to be better prepared, or to ensure a customer brings any relevant materials to an appointment

3. Retail stores are suffering as customers prefer online shopping


Drive customers back to stores with high-value in-store events and personal consultations, which are simple to promote and book online with TIMIFY, and see your profits skyrocket

How to do it with TIMIFY:

  • From one-to-one in-store services like ‘Try before you buy’, personal shopping consultations and repair sessions, to group bookings like product reveals, meet the experts and all manner of unique parties and seasonal events – all can easily be planned and organised by TIMIFY
  • Marketing teams can benefit greatly from using TIMIFY to organise and promote shopping packages, personal styling or in-store events in advance, making it easy for customers to book, and simple for businesses to promote and manage attendee numbers, staff and the additional resources required 
  • TIMIFY allows a truly omnichannel experience. By integrating the booking button on all your touch points customers can interact offline, online or on a mobile device to discover events and offers, register and take part in them – and even feed back experiences afterwards
  • TIMIFY’s Marketing tool allows scheduling of seasonal offers and events, easily promoted and booked in advance through all of your customer touchpoints
  • As well as in-store events, TIMIFY can also manage training events and conferences, whether they last just a couple of hours or over several days.

4. Running services on a multinational scale, across different locations, creates internal inefficiencies and leads to confusion and frustration for staff and customers


TIMIFY has added a series of features aimed at larger enterprises, allowing clear, reliable and accurate visibility of staff schedules and availability, customer bookings and resource availability.

How to do it with TIMIFY:

  • Use a shared calendar across the business, assigning team and individual permissions for viewing and editing the calendar
  •  Employees manage their own agenda, giving clarity and transparency across the business around flexible working hours, holidays, sick days and appointment availability
  • Customers and staff see the calendar, appointments schedule and colleague availability in their own time zone
  • Resource availability also managed within TIMIFY, allowing designated resources to be auto-reserved for specific bookings. This gives clear and up-to-the-minute visibility of resources, whatever the scale of your business
  • All customer and staff amends to bookings or calendars are instantly synced for every user, significantly reducing errors and double bookings
  • All employees can use TIMIFY mobile apps to manage their agenda on the go, as well as syncing with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Google Calendar
  • Our new Branch Management Tool allows customised monitoring for every location, its bookings schedule and performance from one single dashboard

Visit our website to learn more about how TIMIFY delivers all of this and more.

Author: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.

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