How TIMIFY can help the education sector safely manage the return to classes after lockdown

Guidelines for educational institutions and businesses vary significantly depending on the age of students, type of learning and ability to manage crowds and social distance.

Some schools and nurseries will have restrictions on class sizes, staggered attendance times and distancing between students, with new hygiene procedures to be installed and managed.

Meanwhile some universities, academies and schools are encouraged to continue online teaching and consultation where possible, or use pre-booked appointments to give classes or support to small groups and individuals.

In some countries it seems educational institutions will open before the summer holidays, while others have already stated that on-site classes will not return until the new school year in autumn.

This could even lead to some educators setting up extra tuition on a one-to-one basis – via online video sessions or in-person – throughout the summer.

What TIMIFY can do: 

  1. Teachers can manage and share new flexible working times with students and colleagues
  2. Allow teachers working flexible hours to show students different types of availability, such as for drop-in consultations, classes, projects support, handing in assignments etc.
  3. Control the flow of students on-site at any one time. Offer time periods for on-site visits, limiting the number of bookings for each time period. 
  4. Ensure cleaning processes between classes are never forgotten by setting up automatic buffer times with each class type 
  5. Continue to offer online options to students, using video conferencing for group classes or individual consultations
  6. Easily present materials while giving a video conference class.

How to do it

  • Use TIMIFY’s shift plan to manage teacher’s flexible working timetables and easily share them with colleagues and students
  • Teachers can create and share an online ‘booking link’ for their entire availability schedule or for a particular class type, giving one-click access to their calendar
  • Where student capacity is limited, set time blocks for students to book their attendance, with a maximum number of spaces per time block. This may give some flexibility around day-to-day attendance times for parents working variable hours
  • Different class types may need different pre or post preparation and cleaning. Assign different ‘buffer times’ to different classes. These will be auto-added with every instance of that class type with our Prep and Follow up feature
  • Continue to offer classes online where possible, using TIMIFY video apps to auto-add video conferencing sessions where required. Manage online and offline classes in the same calendar if merging offerings
  • to auto-add video conferencing sessions where required. Manage online and offline classes in the same calendar if merging offerings
  • Use video meeting appointments to offer consultations and catch ups with individual students
  • Students often forget online appointments. Set appointment reminders to be sent to students automatically
  • Create separate booking links for each faculty or even direct students to one specific teacher or tutor by sharing their unique booking links.

TIMIFY’s wide range of functions are helping businesses small and large deal with the impact of COVID-19. To learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your business, visit our website and start a conversation with one of our representatives.

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