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It’s safe to say we hit 2021 at full speed. The team developed multiple new features across all product lines for release this month. l really think there is something new and beneficial for everyone.

With the first month of 2021 down, l’d like to say a word of thanks to the team: you prove to me over and over again that anything is possible when you’re motivated to make a difference. Thank you.

Below is an overview of all features we released in January.

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Boyan Tanchev, CPO TIMIFY
Boyan Tanchev
Chief Product Officer

The TIMIFY Web App

Public Holidays

The TIMIFY Public Holidays feature allows you to select national holidays for any region, and assign them the to the resources based in that region. Perfect for users who have teams across different countries and want to keep track of all resource holidays.

Permission Types

With this amazing feature you’ll be able to define all your different permission groups and then assign those to your resources. This makes permission management much simpler and faster. 

The TIMIFY App Marketplace

In 2021 we’re planning an expansion to our App Marketplace with lots of direct data sync apps to ERP and CRM tools as well long awaited enhancements of already existing applications.


Set up a virtual queue for your workplace in minutes – all you need is one or more digital display devices. Visitors join the waitlist by scanning a QR code from your device or via the touchscreen. Customers can keep track of their estimated wait time, go for a walk, get notified when it’s their turn, and return to the premises in time for their appointment.

For more information on how the TIMIFY Q app works read the following articles:

> How our Virtual Queuing App Works for Customers
> How to Set Up and Use our Virtual Queue Management System

The Welcome Screen App (v 2.0) 

This new version allows you to choose either a modular or different layouts for your displays. The new Table View layout is perfect for displaying many upcoming bookings at the same time. By adding the option to include data fields, now you can easily adapt the app to any type of purpose and usage. For example you can now use the Welcome Screen app even in the logistics industry to display the booked slots of trucks that enter your premises to load or unload goods.

TIMIFY for MS Exchange Sync (v 2.0) 

The newest version of our MS Exchange App includes a lot of backend changes to ensure better compatibility, performance and sync stability.

The TIMIFY Branch Manager

The Branch Manager is one of the most important add-ons for many of our enterprise customers with multiple locations. This month we’ve introduced three amazing features that will tremendously increase the productivity and the speed of self-onboarding:

Multi-location setup and onboarding 

We introduced two features that dramatically increase the speed at which clients can self-onboard their branches:

Global Entities Management allows clients to manage their TIMIFY accounts on a “global” level: it essentially allows services – and all data – to be replicated and saved to multiple branches at once.

Bulk import for Branches

Import master data into TIMIFY and generate hundreds of accounts with pre-defined specific settings in just few clicks.

Microsoft Active Directory SSO App

Many customers are using Active Directory to authenticate their employees in third party softwares. Now this is also possible with TIMIFY. Authenticate TIMIFY resources in your branches using their existing Microsoft Active Directory email accounts.

The app is private and can be installed on request as an add-on  via the App Marketplace in your Branch Manager account.

The TIMIFY Developer Platform

Interconnectedness between 3rd party solutions is essential. We have plans in place to boost our Developer Platform and smart integration capabilities. 

This month we’re releasing our new public REST API documentation and rolling out on-demand access for small businesses. Access to our Developer Platform will be offered as an add-on to our smaller business customers who want to integrate and sync their TIMIFY accounts with their existing IT infrastructure and tools.

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TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.

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