Online appointment scheduling: How TIMIFY benefits your business, teams and customers

What are the benefits of using TIMIFY for my business? It’s the obvious first question for every new client and, of course, we could talk all day about the countless ways in which our software can transform everything from customer experience to internal efficiencies.

The benefits will vary depending on the nature of your business – for a customised benefits analysis, just contact our support team.

However, there are some fundamentals that being online bookable and using a shared schedule to organise teams and maximise resources will bring every aspect of any enterprise.

Company benefits

Revenue gains from optimising accessibility, efficiency and management tools

  • Increase revenue: According to our internal research, at least 35% of bookings are made outside of office hours. By adding a booking button in all your contact points, your customers wont need to wait for your business to open to make and appointment as being online bookable means you are open for business 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Increase revenue by being open for business 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Stay competitive: If competitors use online appointment scheduling, your customers will expect it too. If they don’t, you have the opportunity to lead the way and gain a market advantage.
  • Get the most from resources: Our ‘Split Booking’ feature maximises resources by assigning them for only part of a booking. If a projector is only needed for half of an hour-long session, you can book it only for this time, allowing it to be utilised elsewhere after 30 mins.
  • Boost up-selling opportunities: Optimise preparation for every appointment by adding customised questions to your booking forms. This helps prep a customer to bring necessary materials, or obtain key info to allow staff relevant up-selling opportunities
  • Reduce no-show rates: No-shows are a major issue for service providers. Set up automated reminders for customers, targeted at key intervals before an appointment. This has been shown to reduce no-shows by as much as 50%.

Reduce no-shows by as much as 50% with booking reminders

  • Get the data you need to manage effectively: Set up the statistics module to show most popular booking times or employees, booking volumes and more. Use the Branch Management tool to simply visualise data for multiple location across your network
  • Multi-department benefits: Marketing teams can add a direct route to sales with a booking button in all marketing materials. Sales teams can display their booking profile and availability to clients in their email signatures. Both will benefit from enhanced customer relations and targeting by integrating TIMIFY with other CRM tools. 

Team benefits:

Collaboration thrives on clarity, communication and convenience

  • Collaborative working built on clarity: Clear, reliable visibility of resource availability is fundamental to firms of any size. Our shared schedule forms the foundations of better communication, transparency and efficiency for all
  • No more mix ups: Staff update their schedules with just a few clicks and can easily view the availability of colleagues from any device, any time. No more mix-ups
    Efficiency savings
    : On average, a phone booking takes eight minutes versus just one minute online. Free your staff from handling bookings manually to focus on more progressive tasks.

A phone booking takes eight minutes versus just one minute online. Save time to focus on highly valued tasks

  • Consolidate other calendar apps into one: All users can merge personal and business schedules into one calendar, as TIMIFY syncs seamlessly with the likes of Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar
  • Relief from admin tasks: TIMIFY can automate a variety of administrative tasks, such as communications, online payments and invoicing, becoming an invaluable tool for multiple teams
  • Manage schedules on the go: Mobile, tablet and desktop apps give employees flexibility to update their schedule any time, any where – with changes synced in real-time for all colleagues to see.

100% access to your calendar. Everywhere at all times

Customer benefits

Customers are empowered to control their booking any time, any where, any device

  • Instant service, hassle-free: Customers now expect 24/7 availability, no wait times and a seamless experience across devices. Simply integrate booking buttons to all customer touchpoints to help you get there.
  • Online booking as standard: 25% of millennials say they will only book an appointment online. Realise the opportunity with the simple integration of TIMIFY to your booking system. 

Increase customer satisfaction: 25% of millennials say they will only book an appointment online.

  • Put customers in charge: Empower customers to manage their appointment as and when they want – they can book, cancel or reschedule online in minutes. No more helpline hold music or email exchanges
  • Flexible payment options: Add the option for customers to pay online when booking, rather than on the day of their appointment

The benefits from an online appointment scheduling system are endless. If you haven’t started using an appointment scheduling tool you are missing a big opportunity. Not only your team will work more efficiently, and your revenue will increase, but you have the opportunity to offer a better experience for your clients.

If you want to learn more about how TIMIFY can make it happen. Visit our website and start a conversation with one of our representatives

Author: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management software for medium and large businesses. The cloud based software as a service (SaaS) is comprised of an intelligent yet easy to use booking system, with a wide range of customisable features.

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