Please introduce yourself and your company:

The "Tattooentfernung Zentrum" is an independent company of the Luxuria Aesthetics GmbH and was founded with the intention to revolutionize the tattoo removal industry in Switzerland.

That's why we exclusively cooperate with certified specialists and doctors. All of our therapists have gathered years of experience in the area of tattoo removal. As we focus solely on tattoo removal and do not offer any other services in our clinic, we can steadily increase our competitive advantage.

Since when do you work with TIMIFY and why did you choose TIMIFY as your preferred booking system?

We started in January 2016. As we were looking for a new appointment booking system, as we werde dissatisfied with the old one, we found TIMIFY online, decided to try it and eventually found it very convincing. Especially the user interface and the web presence convinced us.

How do you work with TIMIFY on day-to-day basis?

Primarily as a scheduling software for our appointments.
* Book new appointments (new customers per phone or mail) * Book follow-up appointments locally * Move appointments * Planning of resources

What are the advantages of TIMIFY? Whar are your favourite features?
* No double-bookings * Hardly any idle times * Online booking for our customers * Customers can move their online bookings themselves * Less work for us * Quick service in case of issues * User interface (easy and comprehensible user interface) * Quick loading and saving times

How did your customers react to online bookings?

Our customers were familiar with the service from our previous provider. In general you can profit from offering online booking, as it suggests a certain degree of professionalism. We only received positive feedback by our customers when we offered online booking.

What advice would you give newcomers in your industry?

We can recommend such processes in the service industry to everybody in the industry. We see the value of services like TIMIFY by itself but also for our customers. Important is the thorough preparation and evaluation when deciding for an appointment booking system.