Please introduce yourself and your company:

My father and me founded SNIP A MAN in 2015. We are both hair stylists and run hairsalons. For years we have been thinking about opening a hair salon exclusively for men, similar to the ones in the US or England. Last year, we finally decided to take the leap and opened up our concept store SNIP A MAN in Heilbronn (Germany). With years of experience in running our salons, we gathered and developed the necessary know-how to finally realize our concept.
SNIP A MAN When did you decide to become a hair stylist?

My parents are both hair stylists, so it is basically in my DNA. Before finishing my highschool diploma, I started to support my parents in their business from time to time and discovered my passion for the profession.

How long do you work with TIMIFY and why are using it in the first place?

We use TIMIFY since the opening of our Salon in 2015. I decided to use TIMIFY because my barbershop SNIP A MAN is a subsidiary. Therefore I am not always locally present in the barbershop, and it is very convenient to manage my appointment online. The great usability and integration on our website, makes it easy for our customers to book appointments anytime of the day. That's why we will also supply our franchisees with TIMIFY (

How do you work with TIMIFY?

TIMIFY completely substitutes our appointment book, and gives a good overview over your daily and weekly appointments. In store, we have separate screen that displays only TIMIFY.

What do you like the most?

One advantage of TIMIFY is, that our customers can book appointments around the clock and on the weekend, even when nobody is in the salon or can answer the phone. What we like very much is, that we can add pictures for each hair stylist, so the customer can recognize his preferred hairstylist even in case he forgot the name.

How did your customers react when you introduced online booking?

Our customers found the online booking system very convenient as they could for example easily check how busy we are today, and whether it is possible to get spontaneously an appointment.

What would be your advice to newcomers in you profession?

Just as in any other profession it is important for hair stylists to love what the do and to do it with high motivation. You can only succeed in this business with the necessary ambition.